My First Paid Subscriber

My First Paid Subscriber

Although it feels good to get my first paid subscriber for a service. How would it feel to get a few more in the near future, or maybe a few doze...

Although it feels good to get my first paid subscriber for a service. How would it feel to get a few more in the near future, or maybe a few dozens more? I can only imagine, especially when it is something that you like doing. For those wondering how I obtained my first paid subscriber. I will be writing an article about it. I also am going to link it here.

Hard work and patience’s definitely pays off.

I just got my very first subscriber for one of the services that I just started providing, SEO. Thanks to plugins such as RankMath. He is the main reason why I am willing to do SEO as a service. He is a Mobile Oil Changer based in Philadelphia. If you guys are in the area and have any oil change due make an appointment on his website, Moms Mobile Oil Change.

A few thoughts crossing my mind at this point are about bringing e-commerce to my website just because of my first subscriber. However, with a WordPress site, these plugins could be dozens of them to maintain and update. Not really the type of stress that I’m looking for. Besides, there are security measures that I will need to implement which are good as a learning experience for any future projects.

What’s Next? My First Paid Subscriber

This is just the beginning because I’m also looking at some other things such as e-commerce platforms like Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, and others. Bringing the functionality of e-commerce to my website will take some time. Not to mention the policies that I will have to put in place. This is too much to keep up as a single person but worth the time as long as I keep learning.

On the other hand, want to do more than just websites. As my first post “My first client as Yeti Studios” is about making Graphic Designs such as business cards. I also want to make custom t-shirts, just as in my previous post, to sell in-stores and online stores. I also want to become the guy that most ek,lzxl jhb u ntrepreneurs making their clothing would come to. Everything will happen in time. Patience, hard work, and persistence will mark my path in this abundant world.


This is what I have learned so far and it has held true. The world is abundant and we all can get a piece of the cake. My first paid subscriber was just the beginning. There is more coming.

If you made it this far. Thank you for reading my article. If you have liked this article, there is more here

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