My First Job Story

My First Job Story as Yeti Studios

Today, I’ll tell you about My First Job Story as Yeti Studios.  Enjoy!

My First Job Story as Yeti Studios

My First Job Story

Today, I, Yeti Studios, had my first job request, a business card design, for a client. Its design was simple with a few symbols and some information on it. Both sides were printed, one side in Spanish and the other side in English so, Latinos and Americans can be targeted. I don’t have the equipment to print them myself so, I had to find a broker to have them printed. The quality from this broker is not the best but it does the job.

My first printing with them took me about 3 weeks to get because lack of directions and lack of reading on my end. It was not the best experience but as I said above, it does the job.

“I wish I could find a different one.”

My First Job Story

I thought about printing with VistaPrint. However, I have not spent enough time on their website to make a concrete decision. I only have spent some time looking online for another broker, sadly, I don’t know which keywords and terms I should type on the browser. My knowledge about these services is very limited.

Printing the work myself

I spent some time looking for paper used to print business cards and printers just to not being lucky enough to find the right information. However, I learned a little bit about the thickness of the paper for each business card. Thicknesses such as 14pt which is vastly used. I also learned a little bit about the matte end and the high gloss UV end.

If you made it this far. Thank you for reading My First Job Story As Yeti Studios. If you have liked this article, there is more here

PS: If you have this information and are in the position of helping me figure this out. I would be forever grateful to you. Contact Me

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